It is officially Computer Science Week and typically we have a wonderful Hour of Code event held in the LMC. This year has been a difficult one, to say the least. But we've learned that computer science is more important than ever to build the future we want, and creating that future will take all of us! #CSforGood

Start by taking time to watch this video 👇🏽


TODAY'S EVENT:American Sign Language (ASL) is a way to communicate without speaking. We’ll be training a computer to read sign language with our own images of ASL letters.

Tune in on Zoom here:

and on Youtube here:

CONTINUE LEARNING: Explore Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft

We’re excited to partner with Microsoft on a series of videos, resources, and more to bring the world of AI to students from elementary to high school. As AI and machine learning continue to transform the way we live, it’s more important than ever that everyone understands how these technologies work and how to think about them ethically.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and Machine Learning impact our entire world, changing how we live and how we work. That's why it’s critical for all of us to understand this increasingly important technology, including not just how it’s designed and applied, but also its societal and ethical implications.

Join us to explore AI in a new video series, train AI for Oceans in 25+ languages, discuss ethics, and more! JOIN IN HERE-

ANOTHER OPTION: Learn to code your own arcade game using MakeCode.

Follow the tutorials to code games like Chase the Pizza, Happy Flower, Galga or FreeThrow!




This month, we are continuing to build off of the message from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Danger of a Single Story” and its connections to the ideas of perspective with a focus on shared language. Please see the resources below, and reach out with any questions!

Advisory #1: Advisory Lesson for the Week of 12/7 - 12/11: The focus of this month’s all school advisory is to build shared vocabulary so that we can continue this work. Please go through this slideshow with both of your advisory cohorts the week of 12/7 - 12/11!

Advisory #2: Advisory Menu for the Week of 12/14 -12/18: Following the advisory lesson, continue this work with your advisory by selecting one or more of the options from the advisory menu below! Use what works best with your advisory - the goal is to continue the conversation. Please use the following resources with your advisory the week of 12/14 - 12/18!

Learn through ART

View the images included on this slideshow and discuss what students notice about these images. Have students share reactions to these images in small groups or as a whole group.

Learn through MUSIC

Use this slideshow as a tool for a listening/discussion activity on the lyrics of the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner. This activity does not focus on patriotism - but is meant to provide historical context and an opportunity to discuss this song through a different perspective.

Learn through BOOKS

Read Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi

  • Video

  • RESOURCE GUIDE -pg 4 Check out the book display in the LMC & feel free to borrow any title! Email Kerry Cowell with requests and ?’s!

Learn through an excerpt from STAMPED

Read the introduction & first chapter of Stamped: Racism, Anti Racism, and You by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi. Use this educator’s guide to frame a discussion about these readings. The introduction talks about the importance of learning about the history of racism in order to be able to fight against it. Chapter 1: “The Story of the World’s First Racist” discusses some terminology, as well as the history of the origins of racism. Don’t be daunted because this book is nonfiction - Jason Reynolds’s writing is incredibly engaging and accessible!

Staff Resources:

Check out the following chapters, articles, and podcast recommendations to learn more and continue your own education around issues of race, racism, and antiracism.

Read Chapter 1: Definitions of How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.


1619 Podcast:

This 6-part podcast series gives an excellent overview of the history of race and its role in the foundation of the United States. Each episode is about 30-45 minutes in length.


When Black People are in Pain, White People Just Join Book Clubs by Tre Johnson This Washington Post article discusses the need for white folks to do more than just read

and discuss race and racism.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Please reach out to Nat or Amy, or join our next Blake MERJ meeting! Our next Blake MERJ meeting will be on Tuesday, December 8, from 2:15 - 3:15 over zoom.


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